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  • What happens if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel a surf session before one week from your booking date, you may choose to receive credit for a future date within the same year of purchase. If the cancelation is made less than one week from the original booking date, we are unable to issue a refund due to preparation, boat cost and up-keep.
  • How many people can I bring for my surf lesson?
    (Private Lesson) If it's just you wanting to surf, you're welcome to bring one or two spectators, which is an additional $50/person. (Small Group) If you and your friends want to surf, I'd suggest having 3 people for your session, so you each get an adequate amount of surfing. (Group over 3 people) If you want to just party and not surf, then bring your whole crew, but know that you wont surf as much as you would if it were just a few of you.
  • What is your refund policy?
    All refunds or credits must be approved by Wade's Waves. Credit must be used within the same year of purchase. If a surf session is canceled by WW, you may choose to receive credit for a class in the future, within the same year of purchase.
  • What happens if the weather takes a turn towards too rainy or unsafe weather conditions?
    In the event it is raining or unsafe weather conditions, we will reschedule.
  • Can we bring a cooler and/or alcohol?
    Sure. No glass, no drunk sh*t and oh, let me remind you, you'll surf better if you're sober (or maybe just a tiny bit tipsy, but NOT if wasted).
  • Where do I find the required Safety Waiver?
    Click here to fill out and sign the required water sports safety form.
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